Fidalgo Elementary PTA

Promoting student success by providing opportunities to enhance the safety, welfare and education of all children


Our Mission

Fidalgo PTA is a partnership between students, parents/guardians and educators.  We promote student success by providing opportunities to enhance the safety, welfare and education of all children.

WELCOME to the 2021-22 School Year at Fidalgo Elementary!

We are excited that the school year is officially underway, and that the students and staff are in-person, full-time AND are staying healthy! Even still, this school year is a little different than past years, which is why Fidalgo PTA needs YOU more than ever!  Help us support our Fidalgo Elementary staff and students, by joining the PTA and/or making a donation today.

10.27 Fidalgo PTA GM Meeting:

Please join us for a quick (15 minutes), virtual meeting to elect our PTA Executive Board Members. It essential that we make a quorum (10 members) for this meeting. Volunteering for the roles:
*Nicole Coleman for Vice-President
*Izumi Hoehne for Treasurer
*Teresa Leisenring for Secretary

Making up the rest of the Board in appointed (non-elected) positions are:
*Enid Castro - Membership
*Amy Eberling - Communications
*Ali Vande Castle - Hospitality
*Angela Osburn - Fundraising
We THANK YOU all greatly for you volunteerism!


ZOOM - ENTER HERE : Passcode: 102721

Fidalgo PTA's {BIG GIVE} Campaign

Last week kicked off the Fidalgo PTA’s {BIG GIVE} Campaign. The goal is to have this be Fidalgo Elementary’s ONLY fundraiser this year, and we’re well on our way to that goal, with roughly 10% of the funds already committed. Keep those donations coming with cash or check, or even easier, make your donation online HERE

**All donations, to help us reach our goal, are due Friday, October 15th.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you are returning your student’s {BIG GIVE} flyer/envelope regardless of membership or donation – Beginning Thursday, we will be drawing winners (one name per grade) from those envelopes returned for a few fun prizes! Need a new 'flyer'? Email